My how to blog experience

I have started this blog in Feb just to learn how to blog and blogging ins and outs. One my goals was to learn promoting my blog and driving traffic to it. But, it has turned into a new passion for me. I can’t believe, I’ve got almost 80 posts by now!

Till this time, I used to write and blog for other people. I have done it for over 7 years by now. You won’t believe how fascinating it is to write out your own thoughts and share your own experiences, instead  of following someone else’s guidelines!

Now, I have tried various ways to generate traffic to my web site. Some of them worked well, others did not. But, here are two of my discoveries I really love.

– Pinterest

It’s a great service. I used to make bookmarks on my browser, but I could never organize them well enough to find the sites again! It’s so easy with Pinterest. And, it allows you to build many backlinks to your blog. People repinned many of my photos and my links naturally grow.


That’s another one I really love. It’s such an easy way to find other blogs or relevant information. And, it’s extremely fun for me. Besides, of late I have started to get some clicks to my blog from this service.

I am sure, you have many ideas and useful info on how to get your blog rolling and how to blog. Share some of them with me, please!

2 responses to “My how to blog experience

  1. godzoned (Debbie)

    I have been blogging since 2008. My blog traffic really grew when I joined up with Facebook and twitter doing an auto post to my pages. I interact on Facebook alot but only have my blog posts auto posting to twitter. I also am active on The Creative Hive. Since my blog is a creative one this auto posting on this forum drives lots of traffic to my blog…. Now almost 200 views a day. I have well over 100 craft tutorials and plenty of advice on my blog. And everything is free. I also make it easy for people to comment but that is not always present. I am also on pininterest which is new to me and I love it. Waiting for a p button to go on wordpress so I don’t have to keep putting it in manually. Have fun blogging.

  2. thank you very much for sharing. I have just gotten to the Hive and registered an account there.

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