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Furniture decoupage how to

This far I have done only minor decoupage projects. But last week I have done a bigger job and did some restoration and decoupage on furniture.

Here is what I had:

furniture decoupage how toI had a little wooden old piece of furniture. I am even not sure how to call it in English.

First I applied some sandpaper to it to scratch the old polish. This helps the new paint to get stuck to it nicely. You do not have to remove all the polish, unless it flakes off.

Then I repainted it several times. It was initially dark in color, so I had to repaint it about 3 times to cover it up.

Furniture restoration tipsI repainted it in pistachio  color.

Then I started to decoupage it.

Decoupage tips

I had several nice napkins with rosebuds on them.

decoupage how toI glued them with the wood transparent polish. Then covered up with several layers of polish, letting each of them dry up.

It did not look good yet, so I used some gouache paints (I do not have acrylic paints yet) to shade it. I mixed green, yellow and golden paints. I applied some of it to the surfaces and then rubbed them well with the washing sponge.  This gave a nice finished look to my furniture decoupage.

When it dried up, I covered it with another layer of polish. That is my step by step furniture decoupage how to.

Crocheted pot holder

I got inspired to crochet this little cute item by one of the blogs here.

crochetingIt’s a hat shape crocheted pot holder with flowers. I did not use any specific pattern for it. It took me only half an hour to crochet it.


Easy beetroot salad recipe

Here is a very healthy and easy to make beetroot salad recipe.

beetroot salad recipe
This beetroot salad is very easy.





Plant oil

Making of the beetroot salad:

Boil several beetroots in salty water. They have to get cooked well. You can prick them with a fork to see, if they got cooked. Then you cool them, peel them and grate the beetroots. Take few cloves of garlic and grate or press them into the salad. Pour some plant oil (I use sunflower plant oil) into your salad.

This beetroot salad is very healthy. The beetroot contains many vitamins, essential for your health. Garlic helps to clean your vessels and boosts your immune system. Plant oil contains vitamins and antioxidants in it.

There are many variations of this easy beetroot salad possible. You can add some walnuts and prunes into it. If you are not counting calories, you may add mayonnaise instead of plant oil. Here is an easy 5 min homemade mayonnaise recipe for you:

Pastry nuts quick recipe

I have already shared this quick recipe on how to make waffles: You can use the same pastry to make easy pastry nuts. Here is my baking form for it:

pastry nuts recipe

Ingredietns for pastry nuts:

2 eggs

1/2 cup of sugar

3,5 ounces  of butter or margarin

4 ounces of sour cream or keffir

Baking soda 1/2 of tea spoon

A bit of salt

3 cups of flour


A handfull of walnuts or/and raisins

For this quick pastry nuts recipe should melt the butter (I do it in microwave) and mix it up with eggs, baking soda, sugar and sour cream. Then you add flour. It should be as a thick cream. Too soft to handle with fingers. But Ok to take withe spoon.

baked nutsHere are your pastry nuts.

Chocolate spoon cake recipe

This was the first time I heard about and made some chocolate spoon cake. Here is where I founds it recipe:

And, here is the result of my first cooking experiment with this recipe:

chocolate spoon cake

I do not have special forms for baking it. So, I made one largerchocolate spoon cake in a ceramicmortar. It worked quite well for this type of cake, as the mortar is thick, which prevents the spoon cake from being burnt.

My chocolate spoon cake turn out alright. It is delicious, sweet, but unfortunately pretty high in calories.

Soft baby toy making: Hello Kitty

handmade hello kittyAs many other girls, my older daughter is in love with Hello Kitty.

Here is our handmade soft toy Hello Kitty. We had a soft coat of our baby girl. She grew out of it. So, we made this toy together with my older daughter. We did not use any patterns for it. I drew a sort of pattern for this soft toy on a sheet of paper. Cut it out and placed on the fabric. It took us about 1 hour to make this soft Hello Kitty toy.

Quick recipe of oatmeal cookies

Homemade oatmeal cookies are really easy to make. Here is my quick recipe of oatmeal cookies:

oatmeal cookies recipeOf course, my home oatmeal cookies do not look as tidy, as these ones 🙂

Ingredients for oatmeal cookies:

Essential ingredients:

1 cup of oat flakes

2 table spoons of sugar

1 egg

3,5 oz of melted butter

3 table spoons of all purpose flour

Creative Ingredients for oatmeal cookie recipe:

1\2 cup of nuts (walnuts, peanuts, almonds, etc.)

1\2 cup of raisins

Some vanilla or cinnamon

2 table spoons of honey

2 table spoons of chopped dried apricots or dates

Any other dried fruits or seeds, you like.

Making of your oatmeal cookies:

I fry the oat flakes on dry pan. Then I mix them up with butter and an egg, add sugar, spices, honey and dried fruits, nuts or seeds. Add flour. I heat up the oven, take the mix with the spoon and form oatmeal cookies right on the baking tray. Usually, I use baking paper or foil on it. The baking time is around 20 min. That’s it. Your home oatmeal cookies are ready! It is a quick oatmeal cookie recipe. The mix takes about 5 min to make.

Box decoupage how to

I had an old box I used for crocheting hooks, needles, etc. I decided to give it a new look and to decoupage it.

decoupage how toThe first step is (as always) to use some sandpaper and even it up a bit. BTW, I have started a new squido lens and you can find some decoupage tips there.

Then I repainted the box just once. I was already painted with the golden paint. I wanted it to be in sort of shabby chic style. So, I painted it just once.

Now, I tried various ways of applying napkins to the surfaces. Here is one that works better for me. Once the pain dries up, I take a brush and rub a bit of transparent wood polish onto the surface. I put just enough to wet it a bit. Then I stick the napkin on it and carefully get all or most of the air bubbles out.

decoupage tipsThis is the box top with decoupage roses on it.

When the napkin gets well adjusted to the surface, I use more polish to cover it up. Then I polish the entire surface and let it try.

box decoupage

I apply polish several times, letting it dry up every time. That’s my simple decoupage how to for this box.