Furniture decoupage how to

This far I have done only minor decoupage projects. But last week I have done a bigger job and did some restoration and decoupage on furniture.

Here is what I had:

furniture decoupage how toI had a little wooden old piece of furniture. I am even not sure how to call it in English.

First I applied some sandpaper to it to scratch the old polish. This helps the new paint to get stuck to it nicely. You do not have to remove all the polish, unless it flakes off.

Then I repainted it several times. It was initially dark in color, so I had to repaint it about 3 times to cover it up.

Furniture restoration tipsI repainted it in pistachio  color.

Then I started to decoupage it.

Decoupage tips

I had several nice napkins with rosebuds on them.

decoupage how toI glued them with the wood transparent polish. Then covered up with several layers of polish, letting each of them dry up.

It did not look good yet, so I used some gouache paints (I do not have acrylic paints yet) to shade it. I mixed green, yellow and golden paints. I applied some of it to the surfaces and then rubbed them well with the washing sponge.  This gave a nice finished look to my furniture decoupage.

When it dried up, I covered it with another layer of polish. That is my step by step furniture decoupage how to.

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