Housekeeping tips: vegetable oil bottle

Tips for healthy housekeeping

Most of us use some kind of vegetable oil for cooking. If you are using more expensive extra virgin olive oil only, you may not be interested in this post. But, if you use less expensive oils, you know, they are mostly sold in plastic bottles. These bottles have several significant cons, when it goes about health issues.

vegetable oil

According to scientists, there is no 100 percent safe plastic to use for foods, as all plastics have a potential of getting its toxic particles into the foods, they store.

Vegetable oil is a highly active environment for plastic, especially if you set your veggie oil bottle on the window shelf or somewhere, where sun rays come in direct contact with the bottle and oil in it. For one, they stimulate oxidation processes in vegetable oil and it gets spoiled fast or loses its vitamins. Besides, sun exposure makes plastic toxic.

The solution for this housekeeping problem is simple. You can get an old olive oil bottle, decorate it and use it for storing your vegetable oil.

bottle for vegetable oilremember, I am not good at taking pics.

This is the same bottle. It was an olive oil bottle. I painted it, using crackle technique and decoupaged it with a napkin. I also covered it up with polish to prevent decoupage damage.

Now, as soon as I buy vegetable oil, I pour it into this glass bottle.

Three benefits:

– I do not store vegetable oil in plastic

– The bottle looks nice and decorates my kitchen

– The bottle is not transparent and protects oil from oxidation

Healthy housekeeping tip:

When you shop for vegetable oil, check out its issue date. Most oils have pretty long shelf life (up to 1 year). Try to purchase only freshly poured vegetable oil. This way, it does not stay long in plastic and does not get toxic.

One response to “Housekeeping tips: vegetable oil bottle

  1. I totally agree: plastic materials bring a lot of toxic harm, that most people aren’t aware of – unfortunately. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

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