Crocheting: baby hat

Crochet baby hatCrocheting: my first crochet baby hat, I finished today.

Here is how I crocheted it:

I’ve made two stitches, then done 6 single crochets in the first stitch.

For the next row I’ve made 3 stitches, then did 2 double crochets in every stitch of the circle.

From then on I’ve use triple crochets for every row and done 1 addition of sitch for every three stitches. (2 tipple crochets, then 2 more in one stitch, etc.). That I’ve done to make a big enough circle.

Then I started to decrease the number of stitches, decreasing every 5th stitch. Kept on crocheting like this for 4 rows.

I’ve crocheted rib knit, doing front and purl triple crochets in turn. I’ve done two rows of this type. Then I joined the hat with the rib knit and crocheted the flower.

nice crochet flower

crocheting pics on pinterestEasy crocheting flower

That’s how it looks on her

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