Tips for busy moms: mayonnaise for head lice

Did you know, you could use mayonnaise for treating head lice? It is one of the safest and efficient home remedies for these parasites.

You can use either packaged or homemade mayonnaise. Here is a quick tip on how to use mayonnaise for head lice:

You should rub mayonnaise into dry hair. Rub it well into the scalp skin and cover up the entire hair. Leave no space on your hair and scalp skin uncovered with mayonnaise.

Then put a shower cap or a plastic bag on and wrap up with a towel. The trick is to keep mayonnaise on your hair for over 12 hours. It works as a suffocation treatment for head lice.

For one, mayonnaise has oily base. It immobilizes the lice. And, oil gets inside their breathing tubes. Lice can shut down and stay with no oxygen income for over 8 hours. So, if you can keep the mayonnaise on for longer, you suffocate them. And, vinegar or lemon juice in mayonnaise unglues the nits.

After 12 hours, you remove the towel and cap and start coming out. First brush your hair to untangle it. Then use lice comb to comb out any dead or immobilized lice.

Finally, wash your hair and shampoo it well to remove the grease off. Repeat this treatment 2 weeks later to kill any newly hatched lice.

2 responses to “Tips for busy moms: mayonnaise for head lice

  1. wow – I never heard of that! Brilliant idea… we haven’t had a visit from the dreaded head lice yet but I’m sure it will come at some point. I will have a jar of mayo at the ready!

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