A Bit Of Kitchen Humor: funny things that happened to me, while cooking

Smile, when you make mistakes

When funny things and mistakes happen in your kitchen, they may also lead to some local disastrous consequences. But, they still are funny and when you take care of the consequences, you get good memories to last you for life.

Here is one of my kitchen disasters to share. I was just starting to date this one guy. It was our third date and I invited him over for a dinner. I cooked a full dinner, just as Ukrainian men like. Then I decided to make a desert. I wanted something old fashion and sweet in both senses of this word. So, I remembered my grandma making the cookies, we call them straws. I never made them before.

It’s not the best idea to try something out the first time, when you expect your new boyfriend over:) I know that now! Got some first hand experience. But, I did not know that back at the time. So, I found a recipe and made another serious cooking mistake. I was running out of time, so I just checked the ingredient list, but did not take time to read the recipe.

So, I just started to mix the dough for the cookies. It turned out alright, but it still had one ingredient, I had no use for: 1 table spoon of vodka or cognac.

If you know, to make straws I had to heat up oil on the pan. I poured the oil in and turned on the stove. Then I returned to my cook book to find out that I had to pour that 1 table spoon of cognac right into the oil. By that time oil got heated up well and the fire underneath the pan was well going. Believe me, I did not take a second thought before I poured the cognac in…!!!

Boom! That was the first time in my life, when I saw flambe! The fire went up all the way to the ceiling. I am quick, so I managed to duck and did not get burnt.

I have to say that my cookies turned out alright. I still managed to fry them without having to set the house on fire. But, this flambe thing took place about three minutes before my boyfriend’s arrival. The entire house was full of smoke. I opened the door in quite a frantic state: my hair all messed up, I was in my old clothes on and when I opened the door, the smoke just flowed out of my apartment. One good thing: my boy friend could hardly see me through the smoke.

I did get him a surprise that time! We had a good laugh over it later on that night. This story had a happy end, as eventually we got married, despite my seemingly poor and obviously dangerous cooking skills.

4 responses to “A Bit Of Kitchen Humor: funny things that happened to me, while cooking

  1. Very cute story and I am happy you survived. I hope you both have a happy and safe Valentine’s Day, LOL =D

  2. ‘Do not try something out the first time, when you expect a guest’ is one of the best advice that my mom gave me and I never took it:) Mistakes are beautiful sometimes anyway:)

  3. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post!!

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