Cleaning tip on dish washing sponges

Eco friendly tip for dish washing spongesThis tip would work well for you, if you do dish washing by hands. I do. And I use up lots of these small dish washing sponges every month.

Being an eco minded person, I feel bad about using these sponges and throwing them away after just 2 or 3 days of use. You know, you should not really use them longer than few days. They make a great environment for bacteria. If you use them longer, they turn into a bio hazard objects in your kitchen.

But, these sponges are hard to recycle. In my area no one recycles them. People just throw them away.

So, here is my cleaning tip: you can sterilize these sponges! Just put them into your microwave for 1 min. The key is to put a wet sponge in. If you try to microwave a dry sponge, you risk to get your microwave on fire. But wet sponge does not get burnt and gets sterilized with all the bacteria in it killed.

So, you can use them longer and be a less of a litter bug πŸ™‚

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