Homemade hot chocolateHot chocolate does not take long to make. I do not mean that drink you make by mixing some hot water with a stick of refined hot chocolate you got from your supermarket.

Here is my quick recipe:

It takes only 10 min to make your real hot chocolate.


1 bar of black chocolate

1/3 cup of milk or cream

1 table spoon of butter

Making your hot chocolate:

Melt chocolate in the micro wave. Here is how I do it. I break the bar down to pieces, put them in a bowl and cover up with some food film. I use film to prevent getting the top pieces of chocolate burnt. It gets melted in about 2 mins in microwave.

Then I put the melted chocolate into a small pot, add milk and butter and heat it up on my stove for about 5 mins. It’s ready!

You may add some spices to it, such as cinnamon, for instance. Or, you may add a bit of fruit or milk liqueur, only if you do not serve it to kids. You may also serve hot chocolate covered with wiped cream or berries. I prefer dried cherries.

Yes, that's chocolate on my face!That’s my youngest daughter. She also got a sip of it.

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  1. Who knew REAL hot chocolate could be so easy to make? I like this much better than the prepackaged stuff. Will have to try it! The little one looks pretty content with just a sip. I would have wanted more! haha 🙂 Beautiful eyes!

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