Color modeling dough recipe for busy moms: get your kids busy having fun

It’s winter time where I live. The winter is extremely cold, so we can’t get out much with kids. This keeps mom busy all the time. So, I’ve come up with this easy and very cheap entertainment idea. Color modeling dough for kids.Here are few busy mom tips I’d like to share.

ImageHere is how I make it:

I take flour and starch in equal amount. Add few table spoons of salt. The base is ready. Then I dissolve food colouring agent in water and mix it into the dough base. You can make it any color, you can find.

The time it takes to make such dough is only about 5 min, as for most of my recipes. But, it keeps your kids occupied for at least half an hour. And, it is cheap. Here, where I live one jar of modeling clay costs $1,5 and you need couple of them just for one time play. This dough costs you few cents.

And, you can put the models into your oven to bake them. They become very hard and can be kept on your shelves for good.

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