Home made mayonnaise update

Homemade mayonnaise tips

Mayonnaise recipe

Here I would like to offer some tips on the recipe of homemade mayonnaise, I provided in the last post.

The best thing about homemade mayonnaise is that you can easily give it various flavours. You cooking fantasy is the only boundary for your experiments.

For one, you can add such a traditional mayonnaise ingredient, such as mustard. I am allergic to mustard. So, I never use it.

But… once I have added some turmeric powder to my homemade mayonnaise recipe. I love turmeric. For one, it has a very peculiar and non dominant flavour. It adds such a nice and jolly yellow color to foods. But, unlike curry powder, it does not have such a strong flavour. So, homemade mayonnaise + turmeric powder and you get a jolly yellow sauce to go with your meat dishes.

You can add various peppers to it. You may add garlic. Or, you can add pickled cucumbers and get a variation of Tartar sauce!

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