It takes 5 min to make your home mayonnaise! Quick Mayonnaise Recipe

Even if your grocery store is located just across the street, it still would be much faster to make your own yummy mayonnaise at home. For one, it is delicious. And, it is all natural. No chemicals to poison you.


2 eggs

1/3 tea spoon of salt

1 cup of olive or sun flower oil

half of tea spoon of lemon juice

A blender

5 mins of your time


What it takes to make mayonnaise

Break the eggs into a blender cup. I use hand blender to make mayonnaise. You may also use kitchen machine to make it.

Add salt and blend for 30 secs.

Then start slowly pouring oil into the cup, while still blending.

Making mayonnaise at home

Blend and pour untill all oil goes into the cup. During this process mayonnaise should turn white in color.It takes about 3 minutes of blending.

Then try to see, if you got enough salt in it and add some lemon juice. Blend again for 5 secs.

You mayonnaise is ready.

Your mayonnaise is ready

4 responses to “It takes 5 min to make your home mayonnaise! Quick Mayonnaise Recipe

  1. I love homemade mayonnaise, it is SO much tastier! I was making my own for awhile but then fell into the “it’s so easy to grab a jar at the store” trap and stopped. I think I may just get back in the habit of making my own, thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I’m glad to inspire you to this. It is much tastier and healthier, too.

  3. I woudl love to try it. Does it work with lime too, instead of lemon? I don’t get lemons at my place, only limes.

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